state of play

Well, after a pretty lengthy hiatus, I'm back!

There's been a lot of other stuff going on as well, but the short story is that my day job has been taking up far too much of my time recently to get on with any ObSkewer work. But with the GameMaker: Marketplace now open for business I'm able to get working on releasing some tools and products in order to fund the development of the bigger games and apps.


Released GameMaker: Marketplace products:


An IAP toolkit which massively simplifies the integration of IAP purchases and purchase-handling inside your own game. You simply add your IAP names into a text file, and this file is read on start-up and correctly processed for you. The framework also establishes whether products were already purchased, unlocks contents/restores them for you, and saves and loads the details securely each time.  More here. 


A simple method to make pause screens and suspend gameplay which works best for the application_surface drawing method found in GameMaker: Studio 1.3+. Shows a "clean" background-only look, plus a "gameplay snapshot" look - both of them without leaving the current game room (or "level", if you're not a GameMaker user). More here. 


A save/load system using the efficient ds map system in GameMaker. Also comes with a basic hacking/cheat protection (in addition to using GM's ds_map_secure_save() functionality, which limits the save file to a specific device) by mixing your game's unique ID with values for some of the important variables you want to save. More here.

Please remember to rate and review any of the products once you've had a try of the demo and can see that the product works - it's what publishers rely on!


CVsC is unfortunately shelved at the moment, but is in a reasonable state within Unity that I can pick it up again in the not-too-distant future - and I will. Hopefully, this is the start of a new and more productive phase for the company, and I'm excited to get it under way!

regarding employment

I'm always really flattered to have gotten a lot of CVs and speculative enquiries for jobs, internships, mentoring, work experience, and contract work, but unfortunately I don't have any positions available at the moment. Currently, I'm scaled back to a one-man-band operation, but I'll let you know the moment this changes, believe me!

To those who have sent in an e-mail recently, or fairly recently, my apologies, but I won't respond to every one of them. Right now, there are no plans to take on in the near-future.

Thanks to all of you for taking the time to contact us, your kind words, your enthusiasm about Cockroaches Vs Cleaners and our other products (we hope it's not just flattery), and your interest in ObSkewer. Maybe some day...

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