cockroaches progress #17

 Just a quick update to let you know CVsC is still alive; it's just metamorphosing... Into a Unity project. It's early days at the moment, but it's a very exciting time and it's really invigorating to see the changes.

regarding employment

We're really flattered to have gotten a lot of CVs and speculative enquiries for jobs, internships, mentoring, work experience, and contract work recently (always artists or audio folk, we've had precisely one programmer applicant ever and no-one who identifies as a designer beyond environment/levels, which says something about something...) but unfortunately we don't have any positions available at the moment. We'll let you know the moment this changes, believe us!

To those who have sent in an e-mail recently, or fairly recently, our apologies, but we can't respond to every one of them. We'll keep your details and CVs handy for a little while, just in case, but right now there are no plans to take on in the near-future.

To the few of you who sent us e-mails regarding a specific job advert you've seen, the mention of requiring an artist in our CVsC dev diary is well out-of-date and we just leave all diaries as an accurate representation of what was going on at that time. If there's some other job advert going around, we're not aware of it and it's not legit - and if you're just blanket e-mailing stock text to all companies, then tut tut ;)

Thanks to all of you for taking the time to contact us, your kind words, your enthusiasm about Cockroaches Vs Cleaners (we hope it's not just flattery), and your interest in ObSkewer. Maybe some day...

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