We're a fledgling games company, so of course we're working on some games. There are several titles on the go, but some are on the backburner right now, so don't appear here. (This includes the 3D version of Cockroaches Vs Cleaners which used to be featured heavily on the old site - it will return as CVsC 2!)

Cockroaches Vs Cleaners

In a post-nuclear-war-ravaged world, the only remaining living things are cockroaches. Then, suddenly, a robovac factory is hit by a lightning bolt and the plant fires up. The automated factory starts churning out the little cleaners and slowly, over time, through countless minor improvements to the AI design, their network routines fuse into a rudimentary cloud communication system. With the factory now full to bursting with cleaners - yet spotless - the cleaners spill out through the overwhelmed doors and venture out into the world to find it over-run with dust, dirt... and bugs. Their mission: to clean the world. For the cockroaches, they must survive.