Hot Tips

Check out the new Tips section on the menu at the top of the page. This will be contain how-to articles for stuff I've come across and fixed/extended/tampered with to good effect and so is worth sharing. Various tools and topics, but usually fairly related to gamedev.

Ter-Rift-ic News!

(Terrible pun, I know.) My Rift has arrived! My Rift has arrived! I was an original Kickstarter backer, so was one of the jammy sods who got a free consumer edition of the Oculus Rift. Anyway, it arrived Thursday - and it's just awesome to use. Seriously impressive when you're using it and a really nice, well put together peice of kit. Progress on my own stuff might grind to a halt this weekend... Nothing I'm working on right now is a fit for the Rift - and my ambitions have always been for first-person games and lavish environments, which I know isn't achievable for me with everything else going on in my life, so I'm not even going to make promises or start planning any new projects. But I can pretty much guarantee that Cockroaches Vs Cleaners 2 (the original 3D version) will have Rift support ;) If you get the chance to try a Rift, do so!

Get Back To Work!

Sorry I've been so quiet recently - my laptop and desktop both gave up the ghost within about 4 days of each other, and then there was a bit of a wait to get replacement desktop parts. The laptop, I'm afraid, is no more... Either way, I ended up upgrading my monitor considerably and beefing-up my graphics card aheead of my Rift turning up soon (eeeek!), so now I'm all set to get on with some actual work. It's been a quiet start to the year for ObSkewer, as the day job has been pretty full-on and family life (and all the damned colds we get at this time of year) s robbed me of a good few working oppoirtunities on the weekends. But hopefully I can get an update to EasyIAPeasy out soon and get back into the swing of things with Cockroaches Vs Cleaners.

Becoming Anti-Social

Well, not quite!

I've decided to pull, rather than overhaul and update, my Facebook and Google+ pages. They haven't had a meaningful update in well over a year, and for the small number of friends I have/had, it didn't make too much sense to spend ages sorting out small new updates just to spam you all with content - especially as there hasn't been much in the way of visual goodies to share in a long time (and all current projects are in their ugly "programmer art" phase for a while yet). This allows me to just focus on the nice new site here, keeping all the insider goss just for you lovely people reading this.

Many thanks to anyone who did follow me on either of those two networks - I hope you'll keep checking back here and maybe leave the odd comment or two on the articles you like.

Oh, and still follow the company Twitter account, of course! ;)

Easy IAPs

Our product EasyIAPeasy (rated 5 stars and with over 65 copies sold already) automates all the setup of in-app purchases for you, offers simple code for integrating functions into your UI, and ensures you have a selection of easily-recognisable global variables to then call throughout your game. EasyIAPeasy supports every marketplace GM: Studio does.

Contact us if you'd like to have EasyIAPeasy integrated by us into your current project and we'll quote you a competitive price.

Let us know:

  • if you already own EasyIAPeasy or not
  • how many IAPs you want supported
  • which platforms
  • whether you want us to hook up your in-game buttons and handle the purchase actions (giving of rewards) for you
  • and whether, rather than supplying us with a list of IDs for pre-made products, you'd like us to create your IAP products on your various marketplace control panels (you'd need to supply the user login details and required marketing assets for these also!)

Note that we don't do integration with custom payment servers and we won't write any servers for you either.

The EasyIAPeasy demo is published on Google Play, Amazon and WP8 marketplaces, so you can even "try before you buy"!

New Site!

Welcome to the new website! Hope you like the fresh new look - it's certainly much brighter than the last theme ;)

You can thank some anonymous hacker for the site's extended up-and-down time over the last few months. Utterly pointless use of an exploit in the old website system I used to use (Joomla). So this is a 100% new site using a totally new CMS.

Content for ongoing products, up-to-date screenshots, etc., will re-emerge over the coming days and weeks, but all the old legacy stuff is staying gone. I'll get a proper "about" page done, too.

After that comes the massively out-of-date Facebook and G+ pages...