Becoming Anti-Social

Well, not quite!

I've decided to pull, rather than overhaul and update, my Facebook and Google+ pages. They haven't had a meaningful update in well over a year, and for the small number of friends I have/had, it didn't make too much sense to spend ages sorting out small new updates just to spam you all with content - especially as there hasn't been much in the way of visual goodies to share in a long time (and all current projects are in their ugly "programmer art" phase for a while yet). This allows me to just focus on the nice new site here, keeping all the insider goss just for you lovely people reading this.

Many thanks to anyone who did follow me on either of those two networks - I hope you'll keep checking back here and maybe leave the odd comment or two on the articles you like.

Oh, and still follow the company Twitter account, of course! ;)

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