Privacy Policy

Covers, plus any of our game/app products you may be an end user of.

Data Controller

All information provided to or gathered by is controlled by ObSkewer Games Ltd.

Information We Gather

No personal information is requested by the website. Certain types of information can be gathered automatically when you visit, including your IP address and details of the browser you use, but your browser has options to prevent the use of cookies and you are able to request Do Not Track Me or use a private browser session.

Our released games and apps may anonymously collect some gameplay activities for analytical/statistical purposes. You are not identified and no personal information is requested of you. If your device is not connected to the internet you will not be sending this information.

Our GameMaker: Marketplace tools do not record or return any information of any sort back to us.

How We Use The Information

Analytical data collected by a product will be available to employees of ObSkewer Games Ltd in order to improve that product. This data helps us identifies user experience issues within the product, correct faults, and help ensure gameplay/website functionality is tweaked correctly when required. If may also inform us on future product choices.

We will not disclose your personal information to any third parties - except when required by law to do so, or in connection with any legal proceedings in order to establish, exercise or defend our legal rights.

External Links may provide links to third-party websites, but we do not provide any identifiable or sensitive information to these sites. We are also not responsible for any information they request or content displayed on their pages.

Our games or the demos for our tools might provide ads or links to external sites. Again, we are not responsible for any information they request or content which they display to you.